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Ramchand Oad, PhD.


Professor Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-7682   Office: 203 Glover Building

Email:   Lab:


Fields of Expertise

1.) Agriculture
2.) Irrigation and Drainage

Areas of Interest

 Efficient irrigation water managementEnvironmental effects of irrigated agricultureHydraulics of open channels and PipesSoil and water engineeringWater resources management


Dr. Oad's professional career has focused on promoting economic welfare through sustainable development and management of water resources and by promoting its efficient use in irrigated agriculture. At Colorado State, in addition to teaching and research, he has worked with the North and Central Colorado Water Conservancy Districts and several Irrigation Companies on programs aimed at modernizing their water delivery systems and associated planning and management functions. Dr. Oad led a comprehensive ten-year effort with the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District and Interstate Stream Commission in New Mexico, to improve their planning and management of the Rio Grande river basin (2000-2010). This included developing decision-support systems for better water management in the river basin, and modernizing their irrigation water delivery system with the overall objective of promoting efficient water use for irrigation and other societal needs. Dr. Oad has extensive work experience in developing countries, where he has worked as consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and the USAID. He has long-term resident work experience in Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt. Dr.Oad has lived and worked in Pakistan on several water and irrigated-agriculture related programs including On-Farm Water Management, Main Canal Command Water Management, Friends of Democratic Pakistan Water Policy and Programs Task Force (2011) and IFPRI's Pakistan Strategy Support Project (2012). In years 2007-2010, he co-supervised a USAID sponsored project in Afghanistan that aimed to improve capacity-building in water resources planning and development, promote efficient irrigated agriculture including efficient on-farm irrigation water management. Dr.Oad has also lived and worked in Indonesia on several projects since early 1980s when he conducted his PhD research in Central Java. In 1980s, he worked with two USAID projects aimed at promoting efficient irrigation on-farm water use; and in 1997-98, he led a team of nine-members that worked with the National Development Planning Board and the Directorate General of Water Resources, to formulate policy for sustainable development and management of water resources and irrigation systems in Indonesia. Dr. Oad has long-term resident work experience in Egypt, where he has worked on several assignments to promote efficient irrigation on-farm water management through water users' organizations (1991-96; 2002-03). He worked as a consultant for the Nile River Basin Initiative program of the World Bank in East Africa, to develop river basin development plans and promote productive irrigated agriculture (1999-2000). Education: PhD, Cornell University 1982; MS Asian Institute of Technology; BS Civil Engineering. Professional Registration: Professional Engineer (P.E) New Mexico, No. 17873. Languages: English (excellent); Urdu, Sindhi (excellent, native); Indonesian (good); Arabic (fair).