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W. Marshall Frasier, PhD.


Professor Agricultural and Resource Economics

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-6071   Office: B331 Andrew G. Clark

Email:   Lab:


Fields of Expertise

1.) Agriculture
2.) Business

Areas of Interest

 Managerial and production economics


Professor Frasier received a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska in 1983 and 1990 respectively and a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Washington State University in 1995. He is currently the Undergraduate Coordinator of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics. His research interests focus on the interface between agricultural production and the natural resource base upon which it relies. Historically, he has done significant work in water allocation and water quality as they relate to agricultural production. More recently he is expanding his emphasis in livestock and grazing management as consistent with his long-held relationship with Integrated Resource Management. Finally, he is developing an emerging interest in formal evaluation and development of curricular and extra-curricular programs for undergraduate students at the academy.