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Mohamed A. Shahba, PhD.


Assistant Professor Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-7087   Office: 302 Shepardson

Email:   Lab: (970) 491-7087


Fields of Expertise

1.) Agriculture
2.) Horticulture and Landscape

Areas of Interest

 Developing more stress tolerance landscape plants for regional useimproving seed germination under salinity stress.Salinity and drought stress tolerance of landscape plants


My research interests include basic ecological processes in urban landscapes with a focus on the biology, physiology and ecology of these systems with specific focus on the environmental stresses tolerance. My research objectives include developing more stress tolerant plants for regional use, evaluation turfgrass and woody plants species and cultivars salinity and drought tolerance, less potable water use in landscape irrigation, improving seed germination and establishment under saline conditions and studying the possible environmental changes that may affect the whole ecosystem components as a result of using secondary water sources in irrigation.