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Gregory J. Newman, PhD.


Research Scientist Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-0410   Office: NESB A219

Email: Gregory.Newman@ColoState.EDU   Lab:


Fields of Expertise

1.) Ecosystem Dynamics

Areas of Interest

 Ecological Data Management


Dr. Greg Newman is a research scientist at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) at Colorado State University (CSU). He received his PhD from CSU in citizen science, community-based monitoring, and ecological informatics. His current research focuses on designing and evaluating the effectiveness of cyber-infrastructure support systems for citizen science programs. His research interests include evaluating various citizen science program models, understanding the socio-ecological benefits of engaging the public in scientific research, designing and evaluating data management systems for socio-ecological research, assessing the value of local and traditional ecological knowledge for conservation and education outcomes, and developing spatial-temporal decision support systems. Greg strives to create innovative ecological data management and visualization solutions to help communities solve place-based environmental challenges. His research team at NREL manages the International Biological Information System (IBIS) cyber-infrastructure at NREL, a system that supports the web application and 20+ other ecological data management and web applications. He is currently a member of the DataONE citizen science working group and the North American Pika Consortium IT subcommittee and serves as a board member of the North American Invasive Species Network (NAISN). Dr. Newman received his BS from CSU in Biology and Environmental Health and obtained his MS degree in restoration ecology from CSU. His MS thesis evaluated the long-term effects of revegetation practices on severely disturbed mine lands throughout the intermountain west. Following his MS degree, Greg worked as a restoration ecologist for a consulting firm and then as a Research Associate for NREL. His many research projects at NREL have included conducting vegetation surveys for national parks, evaluating the health and integrity of national park ecological and cultural resources, developing web-based ecological tools for natural resource managers, and developing web mapping applications for use in invasive species science.