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David Swift, PhD.


Senior Research Scientist Natural Resource Ecology Lab

Contact Info

Phone: (970) 491-1981   Office: NESB B223

Email:   Lab:


Fields of Expertise

1.) Ecosystem Dynamics
2.) Wildlands Hydrology

Areas of Interest

 Ecosystem servicesHuman ecologyInternational developmentNutrition and ecology of ruminantsPastoral systems Wildlife ecology


Dave completed his undergraduate work at the NY State College of Forestry at Syracuse University, graduating in 1963. He later received an MS from CSU in forest hydrology (watershed management), and a Ph.D., also from CSU, from the Department of Animal Sciences. He is a systems ecologist with specialties in large animal ecology and nutrition and in the dynamics of pastoral systems. He has had the good fortune to be involved in considerable international research and education; having worked in Argentina, China, Pakistan, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. He enjoys classical music, hiking, snowshoeing and bicycling—though he will tell you he is not very good at any of those things. Current research includes a drylands project, a collaboration with colleagues at the University of Nairobi aimed at developing a center of excellence there in the area of African dryland ecology, societies, management and development. David has also recently completed the development of a monitoring system for the effects of energy extraction in the Piceance Basin (BLM funded).